Step by Step by Step

Our growing step-by-step plan for self-sufficiency:

  • Clean out and organize our house.  De-clutter and reduce!
  • Anything old, but in good use, goes to the garage sale or a charitable store.
  • Store enough water for 14 days for our family of 4 – including the dog.
  • Inventory and refill our emergency/evacuation Bed Bags, Bug-Out Bags, and 72 Hour Emergency Kits.  Then an emergency kit for each car, and each person at school or work.
  • Add to our food supply:  “Buy what you eat, eat what you buy.”  We have set up a two week menu and adapted it to home storage.  Using canned meat, vegetables and fruit, pasta, and other long storage items allows us to buy in bulk and lower our food bills.

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